About PT AIR

PT AIR company specializes on supplies of automation systems for industry and rail transport. A range of equipment and components for industrial automation allows to fully meet the clients’ requirements and includes production of such manufacturers as  Nader (Lazzen)eBusbarSinofusePT Rack and others. Major supplied items:
  • Industrial computers
  • Control constructs
  • Industrial controllers
  • Low-voltage switching equipment
  • Network equipment
  • Electric equipment
  • Protection devices against peak overvoltage
  • Couplings and ferrules
Industrial automatic equipment supplied by PT AIR is successfully applied in instrument-making, oil and gas, atomic, energy, and railway branches of industry. All production is certified and complies with international quality standards. Production is supplied both from foreign and domestic manufacturers’ warehouses and also from the Company’s own warehouse. All that allows to reduce delivery terms to a minimum. There are the most needed goods of such manufacturers as Nader (Lazzen)eBusbarSinofusePT Rack and others in sight at PT AIR’s warehouse. For regular customers the company offers a system of planned purchases and reservation of production at warehouse. PT AIR company provides overall engineering sales support. Qualified implementation engineers carry out selection of right production for customer’s demand, consult at any stage of project and conduct training seminars if necessary.